ISN-ESN 2023 Porto, Portugal


After your meeting registration you may then immediately submit an abstract (with up to 300 words) for the meeting by clicking on the Abstract submission button on the meeting overview page, or you may return at a later time to do so.
Detailed instructions will be found on the abstract submission form.

Abstract Topics

1. Gene regulation & genetics
2. Signal transduction & synaptic transmission
3. Neuroinflammation & neuroimmunology
4. Molecular basis of disease
5. Brain development & cell differentiation
6. Bioenergetics & metabolism
7. Neuronal plasticity & behaviour
8. Clinical studies, biomarkers & imaging
9. Neurodegeneration and mental health
10. Intracellular trafficking & proteostasis
11. Glial cells
12. Neuron-Glia interactions
13. Lipids
14. Other topics



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