Travel Awards

ISN offers Travel Awards to ISN Students and Postdoc members to allow attendance to the biennial meetings. Young members intending to submit abstracts as first authors are eligible for support to attend the meeting.

The amount awarded will depend on projected travel costs and will be paid after the meeting. Travel awardees will receive a registration fee waiver. Applicants can register for the meeting for free.

Please note that after the decision on the award, applicants who were not successful have to pay the registration if they still wish to attend the meeting and will still be able to pay under the Early Bird price.

The award will cover substantial part of the travel costs.

Preference will be given to young members who have not previously received ISN Travel support and do not hold a permanent position.

Travel Award Amounts

Region  Amount 
Europe 1.900,00 USD
Africa 2.700,00 USD
South America 1.900,00 USD
North America 1.400,00 USD
Asia 1.700,00 USD
Hawaiian Islands 300,00 USD

How to register for the meeting and Travel Award. 

1. Sign in to your My ISN and click on the ‘ISN Biennial Meeting’ tab or visit the meeting website to access the application form for each grant.
2. Fill in and submit the application form
3. Once the grant application form has been submitted, only then you should register for the Biennial Meeting.
4. Click the ‘Book Now’ button and you will be directed to fill in your details, billing details and payment details. You should not be charged for the meeting registration once you have applied for the grant
5. Once your booking has been confirmed, the ‘More Information and Abstract Submission’ will appear
6. Follow the directions for Abstract Submission submit your abstract under the respective tabs. Only then, your registration is complete.
7. If your Travel Award application is unsuccessful, you would need to re-register and pay the early bird price to attend the meeting.

Travel Award application will be accepted from April 1, 2022 to April 30, 2022 via the electronic application page.