The International Society for Neurochemistry (ISN) is a nonprofit membership organization and the only international society focused on neurochemistry. With a proud history dating back to its establishment in 1965, ISN strives to promote all relevant aspects of molecular and cellular neuroscience.

ISN members are scientists and physicians who are active in the field of neurochemistry, cell and molecular neuroscience or related areas and aims to facilitate the worldwide advancement of neurochemistry and related neuroscience disciplines; to foster the education and development of neuroscientists, particularly of young and emerging investigators, and to disseminate information about neurochemistry and neurochemists' activities throughout the world.

ISN publishes The Journal of Neurochemistry (JNC) (Impact Factor 4.083), one of the leading sources for research into all aspects of neuroscience, with a particular focus on molecular, cellular and biochemical aspects of the nervous system, the pathogenesis of neurological disorders and the development of disease specific biomarkers.  In 2016 JNeurochem was ranked #65 (35.279 citations) among 258 journals in the category Neurosciences and #77 among 286 journals in the category Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (2015: #83 among 289 journals). In 2016 we received 35,279 cites which makes us  #15/344 in terms of total citations in the field of Neuroscience and Behavior. 

ISN supports the neuroscience community, connecting people around the globe and across specialties.