Monica Carson (Chair), USA

A. Saria, Austria
Phillip M. Beart, Australia
H. David Shine, USA
Agustina Garcia, Spain
Bernard W. Agranoff, USA
Elisabeth Bock, Denmark
Roger Butterworth, Canada
Jean De Vellis, USA
Peter R. Dunkley, Australia
Frode Fonnum, Norway
Bernd Hamprecht, Germany
Elling Kvamme, Norway
Abel Lajtha, USA
Arne Schousboe, Denmark
Kunihiko Suzuki, USA

Alessandro Prinetti (Chair), Italy

Kazuhiro Ikenaka (ex officio), Japan
Ralf Dringen (ex officio), Germany
Flavia Gomes (ex officio), Brazil
Andrew Lawrence (ex officio ICC chair), Australia
Shin-Ichi Hisanaga, Japan
James Olopade, Nigeria
Arturo Ortega, Mexico
Michael Robinson, USA
Thomas Karikari, Ghana/UK
Illana Gozes, Israel
Cheah Pike See, Malaysia
Kochupurackal Mohanakumar, India
Neha Singla, India
Andrew Gundlach, Australia
Alberto Javier Ramos, Argentina

Matthew Rasband (Chair), USA

Kazuhiro Ikenaka (ex officio), Japan
Ralf Dringen (ex officio), Germany
Flavia Gomes (ex officio), Brazil
Constanze Seidenbecher, Germany
Elizabeth Coulson, Australia
Felipe Barros, Chile
Yukiko Goda, Japan
Elior Peles, Israel
Eva-Maria Blumrich, UK

Hermona Soreq (Chair), Israel

Kazuhiro Ikenaka (ex officio), Japan
Ralf Dringen (ex officio), Germany
Flavia Gomes (ex officio), Brazil
Vidita Vaidya, India
Michael Fox, USA
Modupe Ogunrombi, Nigeria
Peter Wong, Singapore
Joao Miguel das neves Duatre, Switzerland
John P Lowry, Ireland
Babette Fuss, USA
Hiroko Baba, Japan
Vania Prado, Canada
Kai Kummer, Austria
Martin Cammarota, Brazil/Argentina
Augustin Anastasia, Argentina
Cecilia Scorza, Uruguay



Flavia Gomes (ISN Treasurer), Brazil

Kazuhiro Ikenaka, (ex officio), Japan
Alois Saria (ex officio), Austria
Monica Carson (ex officio), USA
Bernard W. Agranoff, USA
Roger Butterworth, Canada
Peter R. Dunkley, Australia
David Shine, USA
Kunihiko Suzuki, USA



Babette Fuss (Chair), USA

ISN Officers
Kazuhiro Ikenaka (ex officio), Japan
Ralf Dringen (ex officio), Germany
Flavia Gomes (ex officio), Brazil

Amadi Ihunwo, South Africa (Subcommittee Chair)

David Shine, USA (ISN Council, Subcommittee Chair)
Laura Morelli, Argentina
Cecilia Scorza, Uruguay
Christian Gonzalez-Billault, Chile

Lindy Rae, Australia (Subcommittee Chair)
Akio Wanaka, Japan
Neha Singla, India
Zilong Qiu, China

Ismael Galve-Roperh, Spain
Brahim Nait Oumesmar, France

Mike Cousin (Program Chair), UK

Andrew J. Lawrence, (Program Com. Chair 2017), Australia
Kazuhiro Ikenaka, (ISN President, ex officio ISN, Japan
Ralf Dringen, (ISN Secretary, ex officio ISN), Germany
Flavia Gomes, (ISN Treasurer, ex officio ISN), Brazil
Marco Prado, Canada
Jorg Schulz(JNC EiC), Germany
Vladimir Parpura, (ASN President, ex officio), USA
Jean Harry (ASN Treasurer, ex officio), USA
Seema Tiwari-Woodruff (ASN Secretary, ex officio), USA
Eva-Maria Blumrich (ISN-YSSC Chair), UK
Brian MacVicar, Canada
Babette Fuss, USA
Doug Feinstein, USA
Daisy Shum, Hong Kong
Mi Ryoung Song, South Korea
Christian Gonzalez-Billault, Chile
Laura Morelli, Argentina
Nicolas Vitale, France
Amadi Ihunwo, South Africa



Andrew J. Lawrence (Chair) Australia

Kazuhiro Ikenaka (ex officio), Japan
Ralf Dringen (ex officio), Germany
Flavia Gomes (ex officio), Brazil
Alessandro Prinetti (ex officio CAEN chair), Italy
Hermona Soreq, Israel
Natalia Nalivaeva, UK
Francisco Nualart Santander, Chile
Caroline Rae, Australia
Mark Cookson, USA
Sérgio Teixeira Ferreira, Brazil
Amitabha Chattopadhyay , India
Ben Emery, USA
Schuichi Koizumi, Japan
Vania Prado, Canada

Anthony J. Turner Chairperson), UK

Flavia Gomes (ex officio), Brazil
Kazuhiro Ikenaka (ex officio), Japan
Ralf Dringen, Germany
Sandra Hewett, USA
Jorg Schulz, Germany






Our Mission statement:

Connecting Members via Engagement to Science and the Scientific Community

ISN is highly supportive of its trainee members. However, effective support of our young scientists requires knowledge of their needs. On the other hand, receiving support requires knowledge about what is offered. Therefore, the Young Scientist Steering Committee (YSSC) aims to bridge the gap between young member needs and ISN secretaries and officers. We are composed of representatives from all sister societies forming a global team of young neuroscientists. We intend to serve as a pivotal group connecting the new generations of researchers in the broad field of neurochemistry with ISN. We are here to address the interests, needs, problems and concerns of PhD-students at any stage and postdoctoral fellows within the first five years of their career. We want young scientists to be involved and feel heard in the well-established community of neuroscience, which may seem challenging for newcomers. We want to reveal opportunities for new, creative, open-minded thinkers to enter the world of neuroscience, as we are convinced that this is fuel for the future community.

Our main goals are to:

  • Provide input and guidance to the ISN Council and Committees on issues that are central to young scientists and serve as a forum for coordination and development of programs targeting young scientists.
  • Create a global network of young investigators involved in neurochemistry to facilitate cooperation and communication, aiming to promote their work, collaboration, mobilization and networking.
  • Provide a unique platform aimed at assisting young investigators with career development.


 Membership benefits for young scientists at a glance:

  1. First-year free membership; only US$15 per year afterwards.
  2. LARGE VARIETY of funding options (travel awards, young scientist lectureship awards, young members symposia) enabling you to participate at conferences and meet new colleagues and collaborators that will push your career forward.
  3. Reduced registration fees for ISN conferences.
  4. Join ISN via local sister societies (ESN, ASN, APSN) without additional costs!
  5. Special opportunity for pushing the society (and your CV) forward by actively participating in committees or proposing symposia and workshops for meetings/conferences
  6. Free access to JNC articles!
  7. Regular updates on conferences and funding in the ISN newsletter
  8. Free access to services like the mentoring forum and My1. Conference initiative by YSSC


YSSC Members

Dr. Eva-Maria Blumrich (Chair)

Offenbacham Main, Germany.

Career: PhD in Neurobiochemistry at the University of Bremen (April 2017) on glucose metabolism of cultured astrocytes and neurons.

Current position: Postdoc at the University of Edinburgh (since July 2017).

Research interest: Molecular mechanisms and protein-protein interactions in synaptic vesicle recycling in health and disease.

Societies: ISN member since 2014, ESN member since 2013.

Representative of ESN in ISN YSSC.


Dr. Mychael V. Lourenco (Vice-Chair)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Career: PhD in Biochemistry and Neuroscience at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Mar 2016) on mechanisms of synapse and memory dysfunction in Alzheimer’s disease.

Current position: Postdoctoral Research Associate at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (since Mar 2016).

Research interests: Molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration and cognitive dysfunction in neurological disorders.

Societies: ISN member since 2011.


Dr. Haley E. Titus

Chicago, IL, USA

Career: PhD in Neuroscience at the University Cincinnati (2015) on signalling pathways controlling CNS myelin compaction in gain of function RASopathies.

Current position: NMSS Postdoctoral fellow at Northwestern University (June 2015- Present).

Research interest: Immunoregulatory and myelin repair therapeutics in T-Cell mediated mouse models of Multiple Sclerosis.

Societies: ISN member since 2012, ASN member since 2012, Representative of ASN in ISN YSSC.


Dr. Abdullah Madany

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Career: PhD in Biomedical Science at the University of California Riverside (2017) on TREM2 and inflammatory regulation of microglial functions over the lifespan and across species.

Current position: Postdoc at the University of California Riverside (October 2017)

Research interest:  CNS immunoregulations contribution to the exacerbation or amelioration of neurological disorders.

Societies: ASN member since 2014, ISN member since 2015.


Dr. Yoshinori Otani

Kanagawa, Japan

Career: PhD of Pharmacy in Pharmacology at the Department of Molecular Neurobiology at Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences 2012 on analysis of PLD4 expression in activated microglia. Postdoc positions in the Biomedical Sciences Centre for Glial-Neuronal Interactions at the University of California, Riverside (2012-2015) and in the department for Neuroscience, Cell Biology and Physiology at the Wright State University (2015-2016).

Current position: Project researcher in Department of Molecular Neurobiology, Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences.

Research Interest: Role and expression of phospholipase D in microglia activation and neuron-glia interaction.

Societies: Member of the Japanese Society for Neurochemistry and the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan, member of ISN and ASN.


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