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Deadline for applications - NOW CLOSED

The ISN Advanced Schools offer a unique opportunity for young neuroscientists to meet experts from all over the world, to learn about latest discoveries and to discuss own research projects with faculty members.

Traditionally, our Advanced School will precede the ISN Biennial Meeting. The 2017 School will be held at Château Varennes in the Île-de-France region, approximately 1 hr. from Paris.

The topic of the School “The energetic brain” reflects the fact that the brain has a high need for energy and maintains a delicate interplay between energy metabolism, neurotransmission and plasticity. Disturbances to the energetic balance, to mitochondria quality control or to glia-neuron metabolic interaction may lead to brain circuit malfunction or even severe disorders of the CNS. We will approach this topic from different angles from neurochemistry, neurophysiology and molecular and cellular neurobiology, but also towards application in the clinic, which offers a lot of very promising new developments. Lectures will be given by leading experts in these fields.

Students will have the opportunity to present their own work in short oral presentations (3 min., max. 3 slides) and in a poster session. Posters for the Advanced School and for the ISN main meeting may be identical.

A round table discussion with the Chief editor of the Journal of Neurochemistry will be devoted to Do’s and Don’ts in scientific publishing.

Students and faculty members will spend together 3 intense days of science in the beautiful setting of French countyside.

We are looking forward to receiving your applications soon and to meeting you in France in August.

Constanze Seidenbecher, Chairperson
Marianne Renner, Local Organizer

For any questions regarding your application, please contact ISN Secretariat

Faculty Members
Confirmed faculty members:

• Felipe Barros (Chile) "Fast fueling of information processing: roles of neurons and astrocytes"
• Elizabeth Coulson (Australia)
• Ralf Dringen (Germany) "Modulation of the Metabolism of Brain Cells by Drugs and Environmental Toxins"
• Yukiko Goda (Japan) "Deconstructing synaptic circuits to study the contribution of individual synapses"
• Eckart Gundelfinger (Germany)
• Matt Rasband (USA) „Functional organization of axons in health and disease“
• Marianne Renner (France) "Diffusion brakes: paying the price of organizing the neuronal plasma membrane"
• Hermona Soreq (Israel) „microRNA contributions to the links between anxiety and metabolic disorders“
• Xiongwei Zhu (China/USA) „Mitochondrial dynamics and quality control during neurodegeneration“
• Jörg Schulz, Chief Editor Journal of Neurochemistry, Aachen, Germany: Round table about scientific publishing
Felipe Barros Elizabeth Coulson Ralf Dringen YukiGoda Eckart Gundelfinger Matt Rasband Hermona Soreq Zhu Xiongwei    
Further speakers will be announced soon.

The program schedule for the School can soon be downloaded here: Preliminary program schedule ISN School 2017

Material for Students
Here, you will soon find some key publications from faculty members for download. You can use these papers to prepare for the School.

Travel and Venue

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The Advanced School will be held at the hotel Château Varennes in Varennes-Jarcy in the Île-de-France region, approximately 1 hr. from Paris. Students and faculty members will be taken by bus from Paris airport to the School venue in the afternoon of August 16. After the meeting, all attendees will be brought to the Paris convention center, where the ISN main meeting will take place.
For more infos on the school venue see the website of the hotel

Application and Eligibility
The Advanced School is open for young scientists (graduate students and young postdocs up to 4 years after graduation). Preference will be given to applicants who did not attend an ISN Advanced School before. Students will be selected by the members of the ISN Advanced School Committee based on achievements, recommendation letters and letters of intent.

To our successful applicants the ISN will provide
• free access to the School including food and accommodation
• bus transfer from Paris to the venue and back to the main meeting in Paris
• waivers for the registration fee for the main meeting in Paris

A limited number of travel grants will also be available via the school.

To apply please follow the ISN Advanced School Application Instructions.

For any questions regarding your application, please contact ISN Secretariat

Members of the ISN Advanced School Subcommittee
Constanze Seidenbecher (chairperson; Germany)
Marianne Renner (local co-organizer; France)
Monica J. Carson (USA, ex officio)
Kazuhiro Ikenaka (Japan, ex officio)
Ralf Dringen (Germany, ex officio)
Matthew Rasband (USA)
Elizabeth Coulson (Ausralia)
Felipe Barros (Chile)
Yukiko Goda (Japan)
Hermona Soreq (Israel)
Xiongwei Zhu (China/USA)