“Serve With Knowledge and Passion”

I am currently the co-leader for the Neurogenetics and Biology Group (NBGG), with research focus on stroke, cancer biology, gene therapy, and developmental neurobiology. I was the past Vice President of the Malaysian Society of Neurosciences (MSN), to promote collaborative networks between clinical and non-clinical neuroscientists and improve the quality of neuroscience research.

I am passionate about encouraging activities promoting greater interest in the ever-widening field of Neurosciences regionally and internationally. I am currently the chair of the International Brain Research Organization-Asia Pacific Research Committee (IBRO-APRC), to nurture the talented and passionate next generation of neuroscientists.

Between 2014-1-2018, I was a council member for APSN. Between the years 2015 and 2016, I chaired the “14th Meeting of APSN, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia”. Also, I co-chaired the “ISN-APSN Neuroscience School 2016 – Basic Techniques in In Vitro Neural Differentiation From Stem Cells”. Subsequently, between 2018 to 2023, I was appointed as the committee members for the ISN-CDC (Career Development Committee) and ISN-CAEN (Committee for Aids and Education in Neurochemistry). Since 2022, I have been appointed as the Program Chair for the biennial meeting of ISN-ESN 2023, Porto, Portugal. Recently, I have been appointed as one of the handling editors for the Journal of Neurochemistry (JNC).

Throughout the 8-year membership and with different roles in events related to ISN and the sister societies, I learned that ISN is a germane platform to promote, advocate for, and, most importantly, support global neurochemistry activities. I also wish to enhance Neurochemistry programs that emphasize the engagement of young talents and increase diversity (both geographical and gender issues.

Vision: I am highly motivated and keen to be more engaged and continue to serve ISN, as one of the COUNCIL MEMBERS (term 2023-2027). I will work diligently with the committee members and humbly serve ISN to the best of my abilities.