General Information:

In 2004 the International Society for Neurochemistry (ISN) began a series of Special Conferences to serve as a forum for reporting outstanding research and development and novel techniques in the field.

The Special Neurochemistry Conference is a 3 day conference organised biennially for around 300 participants.
The conference focuses on an area of neurochemistry in its broader context within neuroscience. There are not no parallel sessions and the locations rotate per continent: Europe and Africa; Asia Pacific and the Middle East; and the Americas.


The 7th ISN Special Neurochemistry Conference:
Date: 1-4 June 2016
Place: Coimbra, Portugal
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ISN2016 Special Neurochmistry Conference


Previous ISN Special Conferences:

The 6th ISN Special Neurochemistry Conference 2014
“Dynamic Change of Nanostructure in the Brain in Health and Disease - Cutting Edge of the Technical Innovation"
Place: Tokyo, Japan

The 5th ISN Special Neurochemistry Conference 2012
“Synapses and dendritic spines in health and disease”
Place: Buenos Aires, Argentina

The 4th ISN Special Neurochemistry Conference 2010
“Membrane Domains in CNS Physiology and Pathology”
Place: Erice, Sicily, Italy

The 3rd ISN Special Neurochemistry Conference 2008
“Neurodegeneration and Regneration”
Place: Bejing, China

The 2nd ISN Special Neurochemistry Conference 2006
“Neural Glycomics and Lipidomics”
Place: Antigua, West Indies

The 1st ISN Special Neurochemistry Conference 2004
“Changes in Neuronal Gene Expression and CNS Drugs Repsonses”
Place: Avignon, France