The ISN Committee for Aid and Education in Neurochemistry (CAEN) offers a range of financial support to scientists from countries with limited financial support who are performing research in Neurochemistry (defined broadly as molecular and cellular neurobiology). Applications for CAEN awards will only be accepted from residents of eligible countries. View the list of countries which are NOT eligible (updated on September 26, 2018).

Only active ISN members are eligible to apply for CAEN support and to receive support. Most CAEN funding schemes are restricted to ISN Student Members, ISN Postdoc members (up to 5 years following the year the doctorate was awarded) and/or Young Investigators (postdocs/faculty/young group leaders up to 10 years after the year the doctoral degree was awarded). However, career breaks or other extenuating special circumstances may be considered and you should contact the CAEN Chair to discuss any special circumstances.

There are three application deadlines per year:
April 30, August 31 and December 31

Applicants for CAEN funding MUST be active members of the ISN at the time of the application. Only CAEN awardees who have activated or renewed their ISN membership and paid any outstanding membership fees for the year in which the supported event takes place are eligible to receive the financial support.

Before preparing an application for CAEN support, please verify that you are eligible to apply for CAEN support. This may have changed since your last CAEN application. Eligibility is now transparently based upon rankings provided annually by the World Bank and includes countries with World Bank lending status which are classified as “upper middle income” or below. View the list of countries which will NOT be accepted (updated on September 26, 2018). To reflect changing or special circumstances, ISN Council will review CAEN eligibility annually. 

  • Applications MUST be from individual ISN members and not from organizations.
  • Activities for which the financial support is requested should be undertaken in the 6 months immediately following the relevant deadlines (for Cat1A grants, travel must be undertaken within 12 months of the date of receipt of the acceptance letter).
  • To be eligible for funding in Category 2, meetings should not commence within 2 months after a CAEN application deadline.
  • Applicants should note that mandatory reports for all previously held ISN support awards must have been submitted and approved before an applicant is eligible to apply for any type of ISN support.

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A successful applicant for any type of CAEN support is not entitled to apply again for any type of CAEN support for a period of two years starting from the date of the notification letter of approval of the last successful application.

 The following activities are currently eligible for support:


1A. Visit by the Applicant to Another Laboratory
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1B. Research Supplies for use in the Applicant's home Laboratory
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1C: Return Home Grant
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1D: Career Interruption, Re-entry, Grant
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2A: Travel awards for individuals to scientific meetings of ISN Sister Societies
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2B: Support for participation by individuals in scientific workshops/training courses/satellite meetings in developed or developing countries
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2C: Support for the implementation of scientific/educational Workshops and small schools in a developing country
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Application and ISN membership forms should be directed to the Chair of CAEN:

Alessandro Prinetti
Professor of Biochemistry
Department of Medical Biotechnology and Translational Medicine
The Medical School, University of Milano
LITA Segrate
Via Fratelli Cervi 93
20090 Segrate (Milano), Italy
phone +39-02-50330376/380
fax +39-02-50330365