Regulations for Conference Committee Financial Support of Neurochemistry Conferences and ISN Symposia by the International Society for Neurochemistry

The ISN Conference Committee (ISN-CC) provides financial support for the organization of small conferences on specialised neurochemical topics and sponsors ISN neurochemistry symposia within meetings of other scientific societies or groups.
Applications are examined by the ISN-CC and are granted on a competitive basis according to these guidelines. The final decision on the funding of awards is made by the Chair of ISN-CC.

Professor Andrew J Lawrence, PhD, FBPhS
Florey Institute of Neuroscience & Mental Health
Melbourne Brain Centre
University of Melbourne

Committee members:
Kazuhiro Ikenaka (ex officio), Japan
Ralf Dringen (ex officio), Germany
Flavia Gomes (ex officio), Brazil
Alessandro Prinetti (ex officio CAEN chair), Italy
Hermona Soreq, Israel
Natalia Nalivaeva, UK
Francisco Nualart Santander, Chile
Caroline Rae, Australia
Mark Cookson, USA
Sérgio Teixeira Ferreira, Brazil
Amitabha Chattopadhyay , India
Ben Emery, USA
Schuichi Koizumi, Japan
Vania Prado, Canada


Applications for the ISN-CC support must be submitted via the online application forms which are available on the members part of your My ISN


There are two application deadlines per year: April 30 and October 31
Applicants for ISN-CC funding MUST be active members of the ISN. Only ISN-CC awardees who have renewed their membership for the current year are eligible to receive financial support.
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Please note that you are required to list speakers who must confirm, via the inbuilt system, their participation. Please ensure you allow sufficient time before the deadline to prepare your application and receive confirmations. Without these confirmations your application will not be submitted.


1) Support for small conferences on neurochemical topics:

  1. The ISN-CC provides financial support for the organization of small conferences on specialized neurochemical topics. The conference supported should deal with an important and up-to-date topic of neurochemistry.

  2. ISN-CC provides support of up to 25,000 USD for a small neurochemistry conference.

  3. At least 60% of the money granted is expected to be used as Young ISN Neurochemistry Awards to facilitate the attendance of young neurochemists (postdocs and students) at small neurochemical conferences. The name and institutional affiliation of the ISN awardees should be listed in the meeting’s brochure and in the post-meeting report.

  4. Funds should be used to cover travel, registration and accommodation expenses. Expenses for honoraria, food, social events etc. will not be funded.

  5. Applications for support of a small neurochemistry conference which will be held on dates which collide with those of an ISN biennial meeting will not be considered for funding.

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2) ISN Symposium in a conference of another society or scientific group:

  1. The ISN Symposium should deal with an important and up-to-date topic of neurochemistry.

  2. A symposium is a session within a meeting that normally consists of 3 to 5 presentations. Applications for support of full short meetings or satellite meetings are not considered for ISN symposium support. The application should list the title of the symposium, the names of the speakers, the titles of the presentations and 3 recent publications of each speaker that are relevant to the topic of the symposium.

  3. The applicant should clearly state confirmation of the speakers to take part into the section. Only proposals with confirmed speakers will be evaluated by ISN-CC.

  4. Applicants can apply for up to 8,000 USD for an ISN Symposium.

  5. Funds should be used to cover travel, registration and accommodation expenses of speakers. Travel will only be supported at the level of advanced excursion rates. Expenses for honoraria, food, social events etc. will not be funded.

  6. Only one ISN symposium per conference will be supported by ISN-CC.

  7. A symposium supported by ISN in a meeting of another society or scientific group must be designated as an ISN Symposium and advertised in the conference material.

  8. With the application, a letter of support from the chairperson of the Organizing Committee of the conference should be submitted. This letter should state that the ISN-Symposium of the applicant will be included into the program as ISN-Symposium, if the application is successful.

  9. Any modification in the ISN symposium after ISN approval (change of date of main conference, replacement of speaker,etc) has to be approved, in advance,by the Chair of ISN-CC. If the modification is not approved, the funds will not be available and any previously transferred money must be returned to ISN.

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  1. A conference/symposium supported by ISN-CC should deal with an important and up-to-date topic of neurochemistry. Applicants must justify why their conference/symposium is important in the research area of neurochemistry and why ISN should support their conference /symposium.

  2. The conference/symposium supported should be international (preferably intercontinental) as reflected by the composition of the organizing committee, the list of prospective invited speakers, and the countries of origin of the expected attendees. Local conferences will not be supported.

  3. Applications for ISN-CC support have to be submitted online via your My ISN account. You must be an active ISN member to apply. Should there be more than one applicant, all of them must be active ISN members. Members of the ISN Council or the ISN-CC are excluded to apply ISN-CC support.

  4. The application must be submitted and received before either of the deadlines (April 30 and October 31) and the supported conference/symposium should be held at least four months after and within one year after the deadline. An application will not be accepted, if it is received after the deadline.

  5. ISN-CC strongly discourages applications for support of a second consecutive conference/symposium/ workshop in a series of meetings that are organized by one society, one organizer or a group of organizers. Priority for funding will be given to conferences /symposia that have not previously received ISN-CC support. Applicants (organizers, groups of organizers or societies) are required to declare whether they have received previous ISN-CC support.

  6. Applications for support of ISN school initiatives, of a satellite conferences of an ISN Biennial Meetings or of an annual/biennial meeting of an ISN sister societies (ASN, ESN and APSN)will not be supported, as such events are already supported
    by other ISN funding schemes.

  7. Successful applicants cannot apply for support from other ISN funds for the same conference (for example CAEN or other ISN-funded initiatives).

  8. Applications must contain a detailed budget that clearly states how the requested money will be spent, in line with the regulations of ISN-CC.

  9. Should your award be approved,the applicant(s) will receive 80% of the amount granted before the meeting. The funds must be sent to a bank account of the applicant’s institution or a designated bank account associated with the meeting. Transfer to any private bank account is not possible. The residual 20% will be transferred upon receipt and approval of the meeting report by the Chair of the ISN-CC. Claims for the transfer of the residual awarded ISN-CC support must be received by ISN within 1 month after the end of the meeting.

  10. Conferences that are supported by ISN-CC, as well as reports on ISN supported conferences, will be publicized on the ISN homepage (

  11. Conference organizers or Chairs of supported symposia agree to submit a short scientific and financial meeting report to the CC Chair within one month after the end of the meeting. The residual 20% of support will only be available and transferred, if an acceptable report is received in time.

  12. Should you not provide the report by the deadline, without approval of extension, ISN reserves the right to withhold the remaining 20% funding and to prevent the applicant/the organizers from being eligible for future ISN funding.

  13. Please note that the size of the report should be no more than 1024 KB (you can send photos in separate documents, maximum 1024 KB per document).

  14. The report for ISN supported SMALL CONFERENCES should contain:
    1. Basic information (title of the meeting, dates, organizer, venue, etc.)
    2. Registration and registration fees
    3. Program
    4. Speakers
    5. Plenary Speakers
    6. Highlight of the meeting
    7. Participants
    8. Material distribution
    9. Social events
    10. Travel awards
    11. Travel subsidies for Invited Speakers/Plenary Speakers
    12. Sponsorship
    13. General budget; detailed ISN budget, how the ISN funds were utilized
    14. List of participants
    15. Photos
    16. Comments of at least 3 attendants about the Meeting
    17. The budget used for each speaker or awarded person must be specified separately

  15. The report for ISN SYMPOSIA should contain:
    1. Basic information (title of the Symposium and meeting, dates, organizer,
      venue, etc.)
    2. Speakers
    3. A short description of the highlights of the symposium
    4. Number of attending people
    5. Travel subsidies for the speakersof the ISN symposium
    6. Budget; detailed ISN budget, how the ISN funds were utilized
    7. Photos
    8. Comments of at least 3 attendants about the Symposium
    9. The budget used for each speaker must be specified separately



Should the meeting be cancelled and 80% of the funds have been received, you must inform the ISN Secretariat immediately and arrange the return of the full awarded amount. ISN is not responsible for any bank charges.