2019 ISN-ASN Meeting

Brain In Flux: Genetic, Physiologic, and Therapeutic Perspectives on Transporters in the Nervous System
Date: 09-12 August 2019
Location: La Balechon Eco Lodge, Quebec, Canada
Organizer: Dr. Sandra Hewett and Dr. Vania Prado

New Perspectives in Myelin Function and Disease
Date: 01–04 August 2019
Location: Le Baluchon, Saint-Paulin, Canada
Organizer: Dr. Joel Levine and Dr. Tim Kennedy

Neurotransmitter-Gated Ion-Channels In Health and Disease
Date: 02–03 August 2019
Location: Bellini Life Sciences Complex, McGill University, Montréal, Canada
Organizer: Dr. Derek Bowie and Katherine Roche

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