ISN-JNC Flagship Schools

The ISN-JNC Flagship School is an initiative to support young scientists in their career by increasing their scientific knowledge, network and visibility in the field. Around 40 young scientists (advanced PhD students and young post-docs) from around the world are invited to spend one week with high-ranked international speakers in a retreat-like atmosphere that allows a close and direct interaction between students and faculty. Besides outstanding scientific presentations given by the invited speakers, the students have the chance to present their own work during poster sessions and to increase their general scientific skills in a variety of workshops, covering technical/experimental topics, publishing and career-related aspects.

The application is open for advanced ISN Student Members (at least two years of lab experience in a PhD project) and to ISN Postdoc Members (up to 5 years after the doctoral degree was awarded).

The first ISN-JNC Flagship School was held in September 2016 and takes place every second year, covering different topics of neuroscience.

1st JNC-ISN Flagship School: The malleable brain: Plasticity of neural circuits and behaviour, September 12th – 18th 2016, Alpbach, Austria

2nd JNC-ISN Flagship School: Construction and reconstruction of brain circuits: Normal and pathological axon guidance, September 10th – 15th 2018, Alpbach Austria

3rd JNC-ISN Flagship School: Neurodegenerative disease: From molecular mechanisms to treatment strategies, September 14th – 20th 2020, Alpbach, Austria

Previous schools

Alpbach, Austria

2018 ISN-JNC Flagship School

Construction and reconstruction of brain circuits: Normal and pathological axon guidance Alpbach, Austria, September 10th – 15th 2018   The second ISN-JNC Flagship school covered the development and regeneration of peripheral nerves, the retino-tectal system and axons in the CNS. The presentations covered genetics, high-end imaging techniques, neuronal circuits and clinical aspects.   Members of […]

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Alpbach, Austria

2016 ISN-JNC Flagship School

The malleable brain: plasticity of neural circuits and behavior Alpbach, Austria, September 12th – 18th 2016 The first ISN-JNC Flagship School covered basic molecular and cell biology of synaptic plasticity, motor learning and associative learning in simple systems, critical periods and developmental plasticity, navigation, birdsong, language learning, pathological consequences and societal implications in medicine and […]

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