Babette Fuss, Ph.D., Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA.

ISN and its sister societies have been integral parts of my professional career since I moved to the USA in 1993 for a postdoctoral position. The foundations for my research in neurochemistry/cellular and molecular neuroscience were built during my graduate training I received in Germany and Switzerland. To start my own research program, which is focused on the biology of the myelinating glia of the CNS, oligodendrocytes, I accepted a faculty position at Virginia Commonwealth University in 1999. During my professional advancement, I had the privilege to participate in unique opportunities for scientific growth and international networking provided by ISN and its sister societies. I regard maintaining and continuously improving such opportunities for future generations as a most rewarding goal. This goal, however, is also often challenging, requiring personal commitment and dedication. I have demonstrated such commitment by serving as a council member for ASN and ISN, and as secretary and president for ASN. My continuous engagement further includes ISN and ASN committee work, such as chairing ISN’s Advanced School Committee and participating in the revitalization of ASN’s Interamerican Cooperation Committee, and editorial board membership for JNC and ASN Neuro. With these activities, I have been personally engaged in initiatives geared toward fostering young and emerging scientists and designed to facilitate international connections and relations, in addition to promoting molecular, cellular, and biochemical neuroscience on a scientifically high and internationally broad level. I consider such opportunities on a truly global scale crucial for building and maintaining a vibrant, creative, diverse, and inclusive research community that brings together people worldwide with a passion for scientific advancement and discovery. It is these features that I value highly, and my commitment as elected secretary is to strive for their continuation, strengthening, and adaption whenever necessary..