Mark A. Smith Prize

In memory of Mark A. Smith

Mark A. Smith Prize

In Memory of Mark A. Smith

Since 2011, the Editors’ Award is known as the Mark A. Smith prize to pay tribute to Mark’s long service to the Journal as a Handling Editor and recently Deputy Chief Editor, Reviews. Tragically, Mark was killed in a vehicle accident on December 19, 2010.

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The 2010 Mark A. Smith Prize Winner

Congratulations to Jennie Cederholm for Conformational changes in extracellular loop two associated with signal transduction in the glycine receptorJ. Neurochem. 115, 1245-1255. Jennie M. E. Cederholm, Nathan L. Absalom, Silas Sugiharto, Renate Griffith, Peter R. Schofield and Trevor M. Lewis (2010).