Hall B – Parallel 1

Illana Gozes (Israel) and Carlos Duarte (Portugal)

Milorad Dragic (Serbia) Neuroprotective effect of intermittent theta-burst stimulation in experimental Parkinsonism – the role of adenosine signaling
Olayemi K. Ijomone (Nigeria) Acrylamide-induced behavioural deficits and neuroinflammation in rats: potential role for Sesamum radiatum extract
Katarina Milićević Trimethyltin disrupts calcium homeostasis and promotes inflammatory phenotype in astrocytes in vitro
Maria Francesca Palmas Repurposing pomalidomide as a neuroprotective drug in an alpha‑synuclein‑based model of Parkinson’s disease
Maram Ganaiem Pleiotropic Mechanisms in Brain Disease: NAP (Davunetide), the Microtubule Protecting ADNP Drug Candidate, Penetrates Cell Nuclei
Marialuisa F. de Ceglia Impact of western diet or d-pinitol in cognitive behaviour and hippocampal protein expression of 5xfad Alzheimer mouse model

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Friday – 11.08.23