Hall A – Plenary Hall

Dimitra Mangoura (Greece) and Johannes Hirrlinger (Germany)

Rita Abrunhosa Soares (Portugal) Uncovering Mitochondrial properties as novel targets for neural stem cell differentiation in the Subventricular Zone
Diogo M. Lourenço (Portugal) Cannabidivarin and its neurogenic potential as a novel target for Rett Syndrome
Charikleia (Charoula) Peta (Greece) NLS-neurofibromins are important mitotic MAPs in astrocytes
Nadine Denker (Germany) Metabolism of pyruvate in astrocytes
Ismail Gbadamosi (Poland) Depletion of neurodegeneration-associated protein TDP-43 perturbs cellular energy metabolism in motor neurons

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Friday – 11.08.23