Schuichi Koizumi

Pablo Barcelona: “Neuronal and vascular retinal dysfunction on the stages of disease progression in a new experimental model of Metabolic Syndrome”
Benjamin Kolisnyk: “Novel Neurodegenerative Factors in Parkinson’s Disease”
Yun Zhang: “BACE2 inhibits neuronal apoptosis by cleavage of potassium channel Kv2.1”
Mychael Lourenco: “Defective brain protein synthesis at the basis of memory failure and mood alterations”
Paschalis Theotokis: “B-cell activating factor stimulates Nogo receptor 1 and 3 expressed on B cells within spinal cord follicle like structures formed during experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis”

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Tuesday – 06.08.19
Chair Schuichi Koizumi | Speakers: Pablo Barcelona, Benjamin Kolisnyk, Yun Zhang, Mychael Lourenco, Paschalis Theotokis

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