September was marked by the 2nd edition of the ISN/JNC Flagship School in Alpbach, Austria. This edition gathered 40 young scientists, i.e., some of you, to learn and discuss trending topics in brain development and plasticity. Of course, if you were not there, your YSSC keeps you up to date!

These 40 young researchers were selected on a competitive basis from more than 130 applications. All continents were represented, and attendees were from places as diverse as Brazil, France, USA, Nigeria, Australia and Panama. This multicultural environment was a stimulus rather than a barrier for integration and exchange of experiences. It was not rare to see people from several places in the world sitting together for lunch and dinner or hanging out to pubs after the sessions ended.

Leading researchers in the field of axonal development, including Alain Chédotal (France), Carol Mason (USA) and Pierre Vanderhaegen (Belgium), gave interactive plenary lectures that attracted enormous interest and generated insightful discussions. But the scientific program also included tutorials, aimed at discussing topics that are essential for scientists but not often discussed in every traditional academic spaces. This year’s tutorial included statistics, imaging for neuroscience, how to write a good paper, and career options in and outside traditional academia.

The Careers tutorial was organized by the YSSC and brought up discussions mediated by Mychael Lourenco (YSSC vice-chair, Brazil), Roger Redondo (Roche, Switzerland), and Georgi Hristov (Wiley, Germany). They presented a timely and vivid discussion on career options in a world where competition and some sort of affliction take place upon job search. Discussed topics included how to decide between academia and industry, how to look for a non-traditional job, and skills required in both worlds. If you were not able to attend the School or the tutorial, stay tuned and do not miss the ISN 2019 meeting in Montreal. The YSSC will hold a new workshop about career options in and outside academia with another amazing team of speakers. This could be your chance to clear any doubts you might have and be prepared for the future!

On the last day, students presented interactive and informative reports of the tutorials, as a means of sharing the knowledge obtained with their peers. By the end of the School, there was an overall feeling of union and encouragement among the students, and this is a good indicative that the mission was accomplished. The YSSC was particularly glad to see how many members of the 2018 Flagship class were interested in building stronger ties with ISN and to engage more in the neurochemistry community. Way to go, guys!

If you got motivated by this exciting initiative, stay tuned and do not miss future opportunities! And please reach us on our email or social media. We are here to be your voice, and we want to hear you!