ISN Career Development Grant (CDG)

Funds for research for young investigators who are long-term ISN members to establish themselves as independent researchers.



Application guidelines for the ISN Career Development Grants (CDG)

Project duration and grant volume:

  • Up to USD 10,000 can be granted per successful CDG application, depending on the budget of the relevant research project.
  • The project should be developed in one or two years.
  • Grants can be spent on lab equipment, but also on other project-related items like consumables, accessing facilities, or animal housing costs.
  • A maximum of 20% of the total funds granted can be used to cover costs related to attend an ISN-related event, such as the biennial meeting, ISN-sponsored conferences, symposia or satellite meetings and sister society (APSN, ASN, ESN) meetings but not for meetings/conferences/workshops that are not related to ISN.


October 31 for proposals starting the year after

Eligibility criteria:

The ISN Career Development Committee is currently working on an updated version of the Guidelines. A new version of the eligibility criteria will be available starting on August 2021.  

Payment and reporting requirements:

  • 80% of the amount granted will be transferred to a bank account of the applicant’s institution. Transfer to any private or individual bank account is not possible.
  • The remaining 20% will be released after the full research and financial report has been submitted by the applicant and it is approved by ISN.
  • The Institution must agree that no indirect costs/overheads will be charged.
  • A detailed written report (including a financial report) is required to be submitted by the successful applicant within two months after the completion of the project.
  • The supported ISN member is expected to acknowledge ISN support and briefly inform audiences about ISN and about the benefits of an ISN membership when presenting data at seminars and/or scientific meetings.
  • The supported ISN member is encouraged to present data at ISN-related events (ISN biennial meetings, sister societies’ meetings, small conferences that are supported by ISN-CC).


  • The application deadline is October 31 for proposals starting the year after.
  • Application criteria are
    • eligibility of the candidate (see above)
    • scientific quality of the applicant and the project
  • Applications include 2 documents to be submitted as a single PDF:
  1. Completed and signed application form with
    • career information of the applicant with a publication list and list of previous awards including previous ISN funding
    • a project description (3 pages max.),
    • a budget calculation for the project, including information on other external funds made available/requested for the same purpose, including those requested from local sources.
  2. a letter signed by the department chair confirming the applicant’s research independence and agreement that no indirect costs/overheads will be charged by the institution.
  3. signed by the Department Chair of the applicant

Applications should be sent as a single PDF named [lastname]_CDG_[year].pdf to the Career Development Committee Chair

Prof. Dr. Constanze Seidenbecher

Download the application form – The ISN Career Development Committee is currently working on an updated version of the application form. A new version will be available starting on August 2021.