ISN-JNC Flagship School

4th ISN-JNC Flagship School: “Brain Metabolism in Health and Disease” 

September 25th – October 2nd 2022

in Schmerlenbach, Germany

The International Society for Neurochemistry (ISN) and the Journal of Neurochemistry (JNC) are pleased to announce that the fourth ISN-JNC Flagship School will take place from September 25th to October 2nd 2022 in Schmerlenbach, Germany. The fourth ISN-JNC Flagship School has the title “Brain Metabolism in Health and Disease”. The conference center is a former convent located in the beautiful Spessart area, about one hour’s drive away from Frankfurt.

The ISN-JNC Flagship School is a unique, high quality educational event bringing together around 40 young scientists (PhD students and postdocs) from around the world with eminent international speakers for one week to take part in scientific lectures, discussions, and poster presentations. This initiative of the ISN and its journal, JNC, aims to provide advanced state-of-the-art education for young neuroscience researchers who will be selected through a competitive process. The school is a biennial “flagship” of ISN’s global education program. Distinguished researchers in the field are invited to present recent breakthroughs and future directions in neuroscience and discuss with the selected young scientists.

The fourth ISN-JNC Flagship School will educate participants on the recent progress in knowledge on brain metabolism. The school will cover a broad range of pivotal discoveries on brain metabolism that were obtained with up to date methods in various experimental model systems. In addition, the speakers will connect basic cellular research on principles of brain metabolism with alterations in brain metabolism observed for neurological diseases. Finally, the selected participants will be educated by tutorials on important general research aspects, such as good scientific practice, appropriate statistics, manuscript writing, and the peer review and publishing processes.

Here is the application form for the 4th ISN-JNC Flagship School.

Application Deadline 

Application submission is now closed! Application after the February 16, 2022 will not be considered. 

Guidelines for the 4th ISN-JNC Flagship School Applications 

Application deadline is now closed! Submissions after February 16, 2022 will not be considered. 


Up to 40 young scientists from around the world will be selected based upon their academic quality. Gender and regional distribution will also be considered. Successful applicants are expected to be present at the school during the entire duration of the school.

Participation in the ISN-JNC Flagship School is at no cost. Free accommodation will be provided as well as substantial financial travel support which will depend on the travel distance and should be sufficient to cover the travel expenses to come to Schmerlenbach.

When applying for the Flagship School, candidates will be required to provide a:

  1. Letter of Motivation (around one page; up to 450 words): Explain in the letter why your participation in the 2022 ISN-JNC-Flagship School on “Brain Metabolism in Health and Disease” is of special importance for your work and/or for your career.
  2. Scientific abstract of your poster to be presented at the school.
  3. Curriculum Vitae (around one page; up to 450 words; should not contain a publication list)
  4. List of up to 5 of your recent publications

Application form for the 4th ISN-JNC Flagship School


Please note that the application is only open for advanced ISN Student Members (PhD students with at least one year of lab experience in their PhD project) and for ISN Postdoc Members (up to 5 years after the year the doctoral degree was awarded). Young ISN members who have already attended a previous ISN-JNC-Flagship School will not be considered for the 4th Flagship School.  

If you are already ISN member, please be aware that your annual ISN membership fee for 2022 (in the case that your membership fee is not waived for 2022) must be received by ISN and that your membership renewal must be approved by ISN before you get access to the on-line application form. Thus, renew your ISN membership as soon as possible in November 2021.

Not an ISN member yet? Apply here:

If you are not an ISN member yet, please consider that the application process to become a new ISN member may take some time. ISN membership is free for the year of joining for new student and postdoc members. Applications for ISN membership for 2022 will start on November 15, 2021.

Concerning ISN membership please note also:

When applying to become a new ISN member or when renewing your membership with ISN for 2022, choose the correct membership category as only student and postdoc members can apply for the Flagship School. Apply for the 2022 ISN membership here

For the ISN membership application and renewal, Student Members must provide confirmation of their current student status (a current letter from the PhD supervisor or from the University administration).

Postdoc Member must upload a copy of their doctoral certificate when they renew their ISN membership for the first time as ISN Postdoc Member.

ISN offers a membership waiver for members of ISN sister societies (APSN, ASN, and ESN).


Specific enquiries about your application should be made to the ISN Secretariat

Previous ISN-JNC Flagship Schools 

2018 ISN-JNC Flagship School

Construction and reconstruction of brain circuits: Normal and pathological axon guidance

Alpbach, Austria, September 10th – 15th 2018

The second ISN-JNC Flagship school covered the development and regeneration of peripheral nerves, the retino-tectal system and axons in the CNS. The presentations covered genetics, high-end imaging techniques, neuronal circuits and clinical aspects.

Members of Flagship School Committee

Alois Saria – Executive Chair
Jörg Schulz – Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Neurochemistry
Alain Chedotal – Scientific Chair
Kazuhiro Ikenaka – ISN Officer (ex officio)
Ralf Dringen – ISN Officer (ex officio)
Flavia Gomes – ISN Officer – (ex officio)
Babette Fuss – Chair of school committee
Mark Cookson – JNC editorial board representative
Vicky Johnston – JNC publisher representative (nominated by Wiley)
Anthony J. Turner – Chair publications committee
Akio Wanaka – Asian representative
Carla Tasca – Americas representative
Michael Cousin – European respresentative
Mychael Lourenco – YSSC representative


Alain Chedotal, France
Rüdiger Klein , Germany
Mathias Bähr , Germany
Michael Granato , USA
Hiroyuki Kamiguchi , Japan
Dietmar Schmucker , Belgium
Zhigang He , USA
Jeroen Pasterkamp , Netherlands
Pierre Vanderhaeghen , Belgium
Yimin Zou, USA
Carol Mason, USA
Valérie Castellani , France
Lisa Goodrich , USA
Fanny Mann , France
Jörg B. Schulz, Germany

Tutorial 1: Conceptualizing statistically sound experiments
Tutor: Frank Middleton

Tutorial 2: Imaging techniques I and II
Tutors: Nicolo Accanto and Emiliano Ronzitti

Tutorial 3: How to write a good paper
Tutors: Anthony J. Turner and Natalia Nalivaeva

Tutorial 4: Careers outside academia
Tutors: Mychael Lourenco, Roger Redondo, Georgi Hristov

Tutorial 5: Good Scientific Practice
Tutors: Jörg B. Schulz, Barbara Schweitzer


List of attendees


We congratulate the poster prize awardees of the 2nd ISN-JNC Flagship School:




2016 ISN-JNC Flagship School

The malleable brain: plasticity of neural circuits and behavior

Alpbach, Austria, September 12th – 18th 2016

The first ISN-JNC Flagship School covered basic molecular and cell biology of synaptic plasticity, motor learning and associative learning in simple systems, critical periods and developmental plasticity, navigation, birdsong, language learning, pathological consequences and societal implications in medicine and education. It also resulted in a Review article written from students to students.


Members of Flagship School Committee:
Barry Dickson (USA) Scientific Chair
Alois Saria (Austria) Executive Chair
Jörg Schulz (Germany) (Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Neurochemistry)
Kazuhiro Ikenaka (Japan) ex officio
Monica Carson (USA) ex officio
Ralf Dringen (Germany) ex officio
Mark Cookson (USA) (JNC Editorial Board Representative)
Anthony J. Turner (UK) (Chair Publications Committee)
Dimitra Mangoura (Greece) (Chair School Committee)
Carla Tasca (Brazil) (Americas representative)
Akio Wanaka (Japan) (Asia-Pacific Representative)
Chris Graf (UK) (JNC Publisher Representative, nominated by Wiley)


Prof. Tobias Bonhoeffer, Germany
Prof. Barry Dickson, USA
Prof. Graeme Davis, USA
Prof. Florian Engert, USA
Prof. Loren Frank, USA
Prof. Gilles Laurent , Germany
Prof. Kelsey Martin, USA
Prof. Bence Ölveczky, USA
Prof. Erin Schuman, Germany
Prof. Reza Shadmehr, USA
Prof. Joshua Trachtenberg, USA
Prof. Glenn Turner, USA
Prof. Gina Turrigiano, USA

Tutorial 1: „Data reproducibility – against the waste of research data“
Tutor: Jörg Schulz

Tutorial 2: „Publication in Brain Research: ethical issues in neuroscience“
Tutor: Ralf Dringen

Tutorial 3: „Scientific writing: types and styles of papers, their structure, instructions for authors, titles, abstracts, reference lists and key words, journal selection. Training – composing titles and abstracts for papers.“
Tutors: Anthony J. Turner and Natalia Nalivaeva

Tutorial 4: „Compiling a review: Daily review of lectures, turning content into a compiled review.“
Tutors: Dimitra Mangoura and Carla Tasca


Poster presentations

Flagship Awardees


Review Article

The malleable brain: plasticity of neural circuits and behavior – A review from students to students
Schaefer, N. , Rotermund, C. , Blumrich, E. , Lourenco, M. V., Joshi, P. , Hegemann, R. U., Jamwal, S. , Ali, N. , García Romero, E. M., Sharma, S. , Ghosh, S. , Sinha, J. K., Loke, H. , Jain, V. , Lepeta, K. , Salamian, A. , Sharma, M. , Golpich, M. , Nawrotek, K. , Paidi, R. K., Shahidzadeh, S. M., Piermartiri, T. , Amini, E. , Pastor, V. , Wilson, Y. , Adeniyi, P. A., Datusalia, A. K., Vafadari, B. , Saini, V. , Suárez‐Pozos, E. , Kushwah, N. , Fontanet, P. and Turner, A. J. (2017), The malleable brain: plasticity of neural circuits and behavior – a review from students to students. J. Neurochem., 142: 790-811. doi:10.1111/jnc.14107

Read the Editorial: Schulz, J. B. and Hausmann, L. (2017), The malleable brain – An educational review from students to students. J. Neurochem., 142: 788-789. doi:10.1111/jnc.14102

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