ISN International Travel Support (ITS)

Short term research visits of young ISN members (Student and Postdoc members) in the labs of established ISN members (Full Member) who are based in another country (from any country to any other country, to which ISN is able to provide funding).



Application guidelines for ISN International Travel Support (ITS) grants

To promote the international scientific exchange between ISN members this funding option supports short-term research visits of ISN student and postdoc members to the labs of senior researchers who are Full members of ISN and who are based in another country.

Duration of the visit and funds:

  • At least one month (30 days) to approximately 3 months. Longer stays may be considered if additional funding is obtained from other sources to support the longer stay. Applicants must return to their country of origin at the finish of the stay. Travel must be undertaken within 12 months of the date of receipt of the acceptance letter or the offer will be withdrawn.
  • Up to USD 4,000 per successful ITS application, depending on travel costs, accommodation costs and duration of the visit.
  • Support may ONLY be used for travel (transport), accommodation and insurance. It is expected that funds for laboratory expenses will be provided by the host laboratory.


– March 31, for applications for visits abroad between July to December of that respective year
– August 31, for applications for visits abroad between January to June of the following year


Eligible candidates:

  • ISN Student and Postdoc Members who have continuously been a member for at least 24 months at the time of a given application round are eligible to apply. In addition, funds can only be transferred if the successful applicant is also an active ISN member in the year of the visit abroad.
  • Students and postdocs who have not continuously renewed their ISN membership each year (as indicated by open membership dues in the previous 24 months) are excluded from applying. Re-activating inactive ISN Student or Postdoc membership by paying back dues does not entitle the member to apply for this type of travel support until at least 12 months after successful re-activation of the member’s ISN account.
  • Individuals may only ever be the recipient of one ISN-ITS award.

Eligible hosts:

  • The host for the young member must be an established researcher who heads an independent research group at a research institution in another country. The host must be an active ISN member in the year of application and in the year of the visit of the supported applicant.
  • The host has to be an accepted active ISN Full member at the time an application is received by ISN. A host with a membership application in process at the time of the ITS application (for example, membership application submitted but the membership dues have not been paid or the membership has not been approved) will not be considered eligible.
  • The host must confirm in a supporting letter that costs for the proposed lab work (consumables etc.) will be covered by the host lab.
  • Each host lab may only support one visiting young ISN member via this scheme per calendar year.

Payments and reporting requirements:

  • The granted amount will be paid directly to the individual account of the awardee.
  • Any changes to the host laboratory or significant changes to the project require the prior approval of the CDC Chair and ISN Treasurer before funds can be expended. Failure to inform ISN in advance of these changes may lead to cancellation of the granted support or to a request to return the transferred support to ISN.
  • Successful applicants must submit a short written report within two months of the completed visit. In addition, successful applicants must post a short informative statement on the success of the ITS-supported visit.
  • Successful applicants must complete and send back the report form within 2 months after completion of travel.
    Click here to access the report form template.


  • Application deadlines are:
    • August 31, for applications for visits abroad between January to June of the following year
    • March 31, for applications for visits abroad between July to December of the respective year
  • Application rating criteria are
    • eligibility of candidate and host (see above)
    • track record of the applicant and the scientific quality of the project
    • convincing connection of the proposed visit with the current research project of the applicant
  • Applications include 3 documents to be submitted as a single PDF:
  1. Application forms with
    • career information of the applicant with a publication list and list of previous awards including previous ISN funding
    • information about the host lab
    • a project description (3 pages max.),
    • a budget calculation for the visit, including information on other external funds made available/requested for the same purpose, including those requested from local sources.
  2. a supporting letter from the supervisor/PI of the home institution and
  3. a supporting letter from the host.

Applications should be sent as a single PDF named [lastname]_ITS_[year].pdf to the Career Development committee Chair

Prof. Dr. Constanze Seidenbecher

Download the application form