Advanced School Sub-Committee 2017 - 2019

The ISN Advanced Schools offer a unique opportunity for young neuroscientists to meet experts from all over the world, to learn about latest discoveries and to discuss own research projects with faculty members. Traditionally, Advanced School will precede the ISN Biennial Meetings.

Matthew Rasband (Chair), USA
Michel Cayouette (co-Chair & local organiser), Canada  

Monica J. Carson (ex officio), USA
Ralf Dringen (ex officio), Germany
Flávia Gomes (ex officio), Brazil
Constanze Seidenbecher, Germany
Elizabeth Coulson, Australia
Felipe Barros, Chile
Yukiko Goda, Japan
Elior Peles, Israel
Eva-Maria Blumrich, UK

Biennial Program Committee 2019

The major functions of the Program Committee are to nominate and award plenary lectures, to score and select proposals for symposia, workshops and satellite meetings, in addition to the selection of speakers for Young Scientist Colloquia and Young Member Symposia. The committee also ensures that there is appropriate coverage of all aspects of modern Neurochemistry and that regional and gender balance are maintained across the meeting program.

Mike Cousin (Program Chair), UK

Andrew J. Lawrence, (Program Com. Chair 2017), Australia
Monica J. Carson (ISN Interim President, ex officio), USA
Ralf Dringen, (ISN Secretary, ex officio ISN), Germany
Flávia Gomes, (ISN Treasurer, ex officio ISN), Brazil
Marco Prado, (Chair, Local Organizing Committee) Canada
Jorg Schulz (JNC EiC), Germany
Vladimir Parpura, (ASN President, ex officio), USA
Jean Harry (ASN Treasurer, ex officio), USA
Seema Tiwari-Woodruff (ASN Secretary, ex officio), USA
Eva-Maria Blumrich (ISN-YSSC Chair), UK
Brian MacVicar, Canada
Babette Fuss, USA
Doug Feinstein, USA
Daisy Shum, Hong Kong
Mi Ryoung Song, South Korea
Christian Gonzalez-Billault, Chile
Laura Morelli, Argentina
Nicolas Vitale, France
Amadi Ihunwo, South Africa

Committee for Aid and Education in Neurochemistry (CAEN) 2017 - 2019

The ISN Committee for Aid and Education in Neurochemistry (CAEN) pursues several initiatives intended to stimulate neurochemistry research in regions of economic deprivation and in developing countries. CAEN provides funds for young scientists from developing countries to spend some time in a laboratory abroad to learn new technical or conceptual expertise, to purchase research supplies, to attend workshops/training courses/satellite meetings or for the organisation of workshop/small schools in developing countries. Applications are examined by CAEN and are granted on a competitive basis according to the CAEN guidelines.


Alessandro Prinetti (Chair), Italy

Monica J. Carson (ISN Interim President, ex officio), USA
Ralf Dringen, (ISN Secretary, ex officio ISN), Germany
Flávia Gomes, (ISN Treasurer, ex officio ISN), Brazil
Andrew Lawrence (ex officio CC chair), Australia
Shin-Ichi Hisanaga, Japan
James Olopade, Nigeria
Arturo Ortega, Mexico
Michael Robinson, USA
Thomas Karikari, Ghana/UK
Illana Gozes, Israel
Cheah Pike See, Malaysia
Kochupurackal Mohanakumar, India
Neha Singla, India
Andrew Gundlach, Australia
Alberto Javier Ramos, Argentina


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Conference Committee 2017 - 2019

The ISN Conference Committee (ISN-CC) provides financial support for the organisation of small conferences on specialised neurochemical topics and sponsors ISN neurochemistry symposia within meetings of other scientific societies or groups.

ISN will support up to 25,000 USD for a small conference and up to 8,000 USD for a symposium within meetings of other societies or groups in the neuroscience field, as long as these are advertised as an ISN Symposium. Formal applications may be submitted twice a year (before April 30 or October 31) from My ISN member accounts.

The committee also awards the Young Scientist Lectureship Award (YSLA) at the ISN Biennial Meeting


Andrew J. Lawrence (Chair) Australia

Monica J. Carson (ISN Interim President, ex officio), USA
Ralf Dringen, (ISN Secretary, ex officio ISN), Germany
Flávia Gomes, (ISN Treasurer, ex officio ISN), Brazil
Alessandro Prinetti (ex officio CAEN chair), Italy
Hermona Soreq, Israel
Natalia Nalivaeva, UK
Francisco Nualart Santander, Chile
Caroline Rae, Australia
Mark Cookson, USA
Sérgio Teixeira Ferreira, Brazil
Amitabha Chattopadhyay, India
Ben Emery, USA
Schuichi Koizumi, Japan
Vania Prado, Canada


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Finance and Advisory Committee

Chairs: Monica Carson (ISN Past President) and Flávia Gomes (ISN Treasurer)

The ISN Finance and Advisory Committee was generated by ISN Council in 2018 by fusion of the previous ISN Finance Committee and the previous ISN Standing Rules Committee. Members of the ISN Finance and Advisory Committee are the previous ISN Presidents (previous ISN Secretaries and ISN Treasurers) as well as the current Officers of ISN. As the ISN Finance and Advisory Committee combines exceptional expertise, this committee has the main function to give advise to the current ISN Officers and the current ISN Council on financial, administrative and political strategies to help ISN to further promote neurochemistry on a global scale. In addition, the ISN Finance and Advisory Committee will regularly review the updates of the ISN Standing Rules.

Publication Committee 2017 – 2019

The Publications Committee acts in an advisory capacity to the Council in all matters concerning publication activities of the Society. The Committee is currently composed of the Chairperson, the 3 ISN officers (ex officio), the Chief Editor(s) and the Deputy Chief Editor for reviews. The Chairperson is appointed by the ISN President after consultation with the other Officers and approval by Council. The Chair is selected on the basis of their publishing experience and detailed knowledge of the Journal and Society operation. The role of the Publication Chair is to interface between Officers, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, to report annually to Council and provide regular updates for the ISN Newsletter.


Anthony J. Turner, Chair, UK

Monica J. Carson (ISN Interim President, ex officio), USA
Ralf Dringen (ISN Secretary, ex officio ISN), Germany
Flávia Gomes (ISN Treasurer, ex officio ISN), Brazil
Jörg Schulz (JNC Chief Editor-in-Chief), Germany,
Marko Prado (Deputy Chief Editor (Reviews)), Canada

Schools Initiative Committee 2017 – 2019

The Schools Initiative Committee provides financial support for the organisation of neurochemistry schools worldwide, with a focus on emerging nations.

ISN schools have the purpose of providing an environment in which to enhance the technological experience, gain knowledge on the latest developments in neurochemistry, and foster interactions among scientists worldwide with the aim of increasing scientific exchange, collaborative research and training opportunities.


Babette Fuss (Chair), USA

Monica J. Carson (ISN Interim President, ex officio), USA
Ralf Dringen, (ISN Secretary, ex officio ISN), Germany
Flávia Gomes, (ISN Treasurer, ex officio ISN), Brazil
Amadi Ihunwo, South Africa
David Shine, USA
Laura Morelli, Argentina
Cecilia Scorza, Uruguay
Christian Gonzalez-Billault, Chile
Lindy Rae, Australia
Akio Wanaka, Japan
Neha Singla, India
Zilong Qiu, China
Ismael Galve-Roperh, Spain
Brahim Nait Oumesmar, France

Travel Grant Committee 2017 -2019

The Travel Grant Committee aims to assist the participation of ISN member applicant women and men, especially young members in ISN conferences and other international activities. Applications for ISN conferences may be submitted as per the announced deadlines; new applicants will be preferred over those who have recently received such support and parallel requests for special assistance (such as additional support for enabling childcare during the conference) will be considered favourably.


Hermona Soreq (Chair), Israel

Monica J. Carson (ISN Interim President, ex officio), USA
Ralf Dringen, (ISN Secretary, ex officio ISN), Germany
Flávia Gomes, (ISN Treasurer, ex officio ISN), Brazil
Vidita Vaidya, India
Michael Fox, USA
Modupe Ogunrombi, Nigeria
Peter Wong, Singapore
Joao Miguel das neves Duatre, Switzerland
John P Lowry, Ireland
Babette Fuss, USA
Hiroko Baba, Japan
Vania Prado, Canada
Kai Kummer, Austria
Martin Cammarota, Brazil/Argentina
Augustin Anastasia, Argentina
Cecilia Scorza, Uruguay

Young Scientist Steering Committee 2017 - 2019

The YSSC represents the members of the next generation of ISN. We make sure that the needs, opinions and ideas of students, PhD-students and Postdocs, in the first 5 years of their academic career, are heard and communicated to the council and officers. To help to create and constantly improving all kinds of support, offers and opportunities for early career researchers within ISN we work closely together with each other, other ISN committees and officers. We highly appreciate and ask for feedback and inputs from young ISN members as we see this as the base of our work. This work includes organising workshops and symposia specifically designed to the interests of junior scientists as well as fostering the network among junior and between junior and senior ISN members around the world.


Eva Maria Blumrich, UK

Haley E. Titus, USA
Mychael Laurenco, Brazil
Abdullah Madany, USA
Yoshinori Otani, Japan
Mohammed R Shaker, Korea/Australia


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