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Journal of Neurochemistry

Is the official and long-standing journal of The International Society for Neurochemistry. The journal is dedicated to publishing original findings describing molecular, cellular, and biochemical mechanisms of the nervous system and its immune system. The aim to understand the pathogenesis of neurological disorders can only be achieved by a combined understanding of genetics, signal transduction, molecular mechanisms, developmental aspects, bioenergetics, behaviour and clinical developments, which is reflected by the journal’s eight publishing categories.

Journal of Neurochemistry supports several Open Science initiatives and actively combats the reproducibility crisis by constantly increasing reporting standards in the published articles and educating scientists and students in workshops.

Journal of Neurochemistry

Neurochemistry underpins all of neuroscience. We publish research which includes but is not limited to the following categories:

Gene Regulation & Genetics

Brain Development & Cell Differentiation

Signal Transduction & Synaptic Transmission

Bioenergetics & Metabolism

 Neuroinflammation & Neuroimmunology

 Neuronal Plasticity & Behavior

Molecular Basis of Disease

Clinical Studies, Biomarkers & Imaging


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  • Initiatives to support young scientistsJNC-ISN Trainee Merit Award & Fundamental Neurochemistry Reviews


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Journal of Neurochemistry offers authors an open access option called OnlineOpen, to have their article immediately freely available to everyone, including those who don’t subscribe. ISN members receive a REDUCED FEE of $ 1,000 for Golden Open Access. Further information about the Article Publication Charges (APSc) can be found on Wiley’s Pricing page.

Open Science Initiative

Recognising the importance of research transparency and data sharing to cumulative research, Journal of Neurochemistry supports the Open Science initiative by encouraging authors to share the data, materials, research instruments, and their research plan by archiving them in an appropriate public repository. Journal of Neurochemistry has implemented three different Open Science Badges that will flag articles in which authors share data or have pre-registered their studies. Open Science Badges (see the Open Science Framework Wiki or JNC-Open-Science-Info for further information) are developed by the non-profit Center for Open Science (COS).

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Western Hemisphere

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