Cookies Policy


Cookies are small data files that your browser places on your computer or device when you visit websites. Cookies are therefore unique to your browser. Cookies help your browser navigate a website, although the cookies cannot collect any information stored on your computer or device or in your files.


We use cookies for a number of reasons, such as:

  • to learn more about the way you interact with ISN content
  • help us improve your experience when visiting our websites;
  • to identify errors and resolve them;
  • to analyze how well our websites are performing

The key reason for using cookies, however, is to make visits to our website more convenient, more efficient and user-friendly for you.


Most of the cookies we use are session cookies. Session cookies are stored only for as long as you stay on a site. When you leave, the cookie is removed from your computer. This type of cookie is usually placed as soon as you arrive on the site and is used to identify you uniquely as you navigate so that we can ensure that any choices you make are correctly applied to you.

First-party cookies are those placed on your computer or device by your browser when you visit a website. This type of cookie is set by ISN and used for security services such as login and additional functional services such as personal settings.


Clicking “I refuse cookies” in the banner disables the use of Cookies. If you have already accepted them, you can click “Remove Cookies” at the bottom of the webpage and delete them.

The privacy settings in your browser will enable you to customize your cookie settings, including deletion and disabling them. Typically, you will find the controls under the browser’s ‘Options’ or ‘Preferences’ menu. The exact level of customization will depend on your browser; refer to your browser’s help facility or to websites operated within your country of residence.

Changing your cookie settings, including deletion and disabling them, may mean that the functionality of the site and your ability to use some of its features are affected.  You will still be able to visit our website, but you may not be able to access all of the content on ISN’s website and some of the functions may not operate correctly.

You can also visit  for details on how to delete or reject cookies and for further information on cookies generally. For information on the use of cookies in mobile phone and other device browsers and for details on how to reject or delete such cookies, please refer to your device user manual.