We would like to invite all ISN members to nominate candidates for the upcoming ISN elections for the following positions:

  • ISN Secretary for the term 2019 – 2023
  • ISN Council (five open positions) for the term 2019 – 2023

Key Deadlines

Nomination Period: December 1, 2018 – January 15, 2019
Election Period: 1 – 28 February, 2019

The Nomination Process

Only active 2019 ISN members can nominate, or be nominated as, potential candidates.
Nomination of potential candidates for the elections can be made via the ISN members part of your My ISN account from December 1, 2018 until January 15, 2019.

To all members who want to be nominated; it is essential to be visible in profile searching. This is the only way for a member to nominate you. Please use the 3-steps manual on how to be sure that this option is activated on your profile.

You can nominate one ISN member as a candidate for ISN Secretary and up to 5 ISN members as candidates for ISN Council.

Please consider helping to establish a global representation of ISN members in the ISN Council by suggesting candidates for the ISN Council who are based in countries and regions which may be currently under-represented. ISN Council members serve for 4 years on the Council. The ISN Council members who will remain for additional 2 years in Council (until 2021) are from Australia, Italy, Japan and USA.




To be an eligible candidate for election, nominees must fulfill the following requirements:

If you would like to nominate or to be nominated, please ensure that your ISN membership for 2018 and 2019 is active and that you are current with your fees before the nomination deadline (15 January 2019). Both the nominating person and the nominee must be active ISN members at the time of the nomination.

A nominee must receive at least 11 nominations (from 1% of the ISN members) to become accepted as a candidate for the elections. Of these nominations, at least 8 must be received from ISN members who are based in other regions of the world than where the nominee is based. As an international society, ISN requests that ISN Council members have a broad international reputation and will represent ISN members from around the world. Therefore, of the required essential 11 nominations for a candidate 3 nominations (30%) or more can be received from ISN members in the region the potential candidate is based in (Africa, Asia-Pacific, Americas, Europe), but at least additional 8 nominations should be received from ISN members who are based in other regions of the world.

Voting in the Election

Please note, only active ISN members who have renewed their ISN membership for 2019 will be eligible to vote in the ISN elections taking place from 1 – 28 February 2019. Please ensure you have renewed your ISN membership for 2019 before the ISN elections take place.

2019 Membership activation opened on November 5, 2018