End of the year. Congratulations: you made it! You might have achieved a lot of things, executed plans or you might just be very relieved that 2018 will be over soon, as it was “one of those” years.

In line with all those other emails telling you to do stuff: ISN membership renewal is open right now! It just takes five minutes, but it makes a huge difference in registration fees for Montreal and funding opportunities! So get cracking on our shiny new website!

For most people it’s time for New Year’s resolutions, like the general “quit smoking, be more active and eat healthier” decisions. For scientists, resolutions are likely to include “this project” that they really want to finish next year. Assemble data, write up the paper and get it out. We all love it when projects are at the “just” stage, don’t we? Where the data set “just” needs a few more experiments here and there. Those few, which can keep you busy for 2 or 12 months. Oh science, brilliant! Is that what you guys would pick? Share your resolutions with us on social media under #Weareneurochemistry and #ISN2019!

If we may try to somehow inspire you, here are our resolutions: grow as a global team of young scientists, be more international, and work hard to have a fantastic meeting in Montreal! That’s pretty much it. Well, easier said than done. But here is what we will do.

If you have read the November “What’s on” (rhetorical question, of course you have) you have seen that we started a new approach to learn more about some of you. With the help of locals like Lekpa David, we want to move that forward and understand what’s going on at your local neurochemistry micro-community, and find out what’s similar or different among all of us! So watch out for What’s on articles with interviews done on various continent. Well, we still have to figure out who to send to Antarctica.

Along that line, we are about to launch an Ambassadors program! Just six of us are not enough to represent the world of young neuroscience and it seems a bit overbearing to think we could. So we want people who are happy to do events, group discussions at their university and get engaged with our social media. You will very soon receive an email explaining all the details and how to apply. As a side note: Being already an active contributor to ISN social media will certainly help you with that… So grab the chance and post under #Weareneurochemistry and #ISN2019! And there is more # on the way, secrets yet to be revealed. Stay tuned!

In short: 2019 will be an exciting year! We cannot wait to see you in Montreal! We have spent quite some time and effort to organize a workshop, a social event and a lounge to meet, chat and escape the busy meeting-huh-ha for a moment. So all this plus the fantastic scientific line-up brings you in for a treat. If you miss it, well then we can`t help you ;-D

Last but not least: Merry Christmas, relaxing holidays, happy new Year und thank you for reading!