Following a successful collaboration with APSN initiated and promoted by former ESN President Alessandro Prinetti, this year the Society was again present at the APSN biennial meeting, which took place in Macau on August 27-29. ESN is very grateful to the APSN Council, its President Prof Akio Wanaka and the Local Organising Committee for giving ESN the opportunity to advertise the Society and present its history poster at the ESN booth during the meeting. It was a successful and constructive meeting during which members of the ESN Council – its Secretary Natalia Nalivaeva, ex-President Alessandro Prinetti and Historian Tony Turner- had numerous opportunities to discuss with ISN and APSN colleagues’ possible ways of future collaboration and joint activities. ESN is now looking forward to greeting APSN members at the ESN Biennial Meeting in Milan in September 2019.

From left to right: ISN Secretary Ralf Dringen (Germany), APSN President Akio Wanaka (Japan), ISN Treasurer Flavia Gomes (Brazil), ESN Secretary Natalia Nalivaeva (UK/Russia), ESN ex-President and current member of ISN Council Alessandro Prinetti (Italy), ESN Historian and ISN Publication Committee Chair Tony Turner (UK), ISN Council member Hermona Soreq (Israel).