As we write this, many of you may be at home “self-isolating” or even locked down due to the global spread of the latest pandemic to impact humankind. ISN has members in around 80 countries and we are thinking of each and every one of you and wishing that you all may stay safe and well.

Our message to you this month is to let you know how ISN is continuing to support you and your research in these challenging times. Firstly, ISN will continue to offer grants to support the research efforts of our committed members. Grants that support research in the home country laboratory will continue to operate as usual. These include

CAEN 1B (Research supplies for use in the applicant’s home laboratory)

CAEN 1C (Return home grant)

CAEN 1D (Career interruption re-entry grant)

In addition, the first round of an exciting new initiative will be opening in October.

This is the Career Development Grant which is open to ALL ISN members who are committed advanced ISN Postdoc Members (minimum 3 years’ experience as a postdoctoral fellow) or Full Members up to 10 years after the award of the doctoral degree.  This grant can supply up to USD10,000 to help you establish yourself as an independent researcher.  So check out the eligibility criteria and apply now!

Given the travel restrictions enforced around the world at the moment we are temporarily suspending grants involving travel. This means that we will not be able to accept CAEN 1A and CAEN Category 2 grants as well as Conference Committee grant applications in their April rounds. We also ask anyone with existing approved grants involving travel to communicate with us about your plans as soon as possible so that we can work with you to help you achieve your goals. If you do not let us know about delays or changes our ability to help will be limited and you may be required to return any funds you have received. So, as always, communication with ISN is the key!
We will be reserving decisions about whether to accept applications for Schools and other grants involving travel or meetings until the situation with Covid-19 becomes more clear.

Check out the latest papers in the Journal of Neurochemistry, either via the ISN website through your members-only link or the app (link to download).  Now is also the perfect time to write up your research and submit it to JNC.

Most importantly, stay safe, wash your hands, and remember that this too shall pass.
All the best to everyone,

ISN Officers,
Ralf, Flavia and Lindy