Name Session Title Session Category Country
Chair Alexandre Mourot Mourot Controlling neurotransmitter receptors in behaving mice: new photochemical and chemogenetic advances 14. Neurochemical technologies and resources France
Speakers Matthew Banghart United States
Wenjing Wang United States
Michael Tadross United States
Chair Renzo Mancuso Microglial states and function in the pathogenesis of neurodegeneration 3. Neuroinflammation & neuroimmunology Belgium
Speakers Rosa Chiara Paolicelli Switzerland
Alison Goate United States
Sarah Marzi United Kingdom
Chair Nicolas Vitale Lipids in the Brain: Implications for Normal and Pathological Brain Function 13. Lipids and glycobiology France
Speakers Sophie Laye France
Maria Ioannou Canada
Gilbert Di Paolo United States
Chair Satoshi Kida Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms for Stress-related Memory and Psychiatric Disorders 10. Neurodegeneration and neuropsychiatric disorders Japan
Speakers Paul Frankland Canada
Andrew Holmes United States
Anna Beyeler France
Chair Bindu Paul Head over heart: Signaling by gaseous messenger molecules in the brain 4. Molecular basis of disease United States
Speakers Stuart Lipton United States
Csaba Szabo Switzerland
Hozumi Motohashi Japan
Suwarna Chakraborty United States
Chair Dmitri Rusakov Spatiotemporal dynamics of glutamate and GABA signalling among neurons and astrocytes 2. Signal transduction & synaptic transmission United Kingdom
Speakers Annalisa Scimemi United States
Sarah Ackerman United States
Christian Henneberger Germany
Chair Andrew Hill Neurochemistry of Extracellular Vesicles 11. Intracellular organelles and trafficking Australia
Speakers Efrat Levy United States
Eva-Maria Krämer-Albers Germany
Christian Neri France
Chair Jessica L Williams Roles for T cell-glia interactions in CNS homeostasis and disease 3. Neuroinflammation & neuroimmunology United States
Speakers Brian Daniels United States
Saskia Hemmers United States
Adrian Liston United Kingdom
Chair Antonio Rodriguez-Moreno New roles of synaptic plasticity in brain function 7. Neuronal plasticity & behavior Spain
Speakers Aušra Saudargienė Lithuania
Jeehyun Kwag Korea
Alfonso Araque United States
Chair Yulong Li Flowing Neurochemicals in the Brain 2. Signal transduction & synaptic transmission China
Speakers Lin Tian United States
Stephanie Cragg United Kingdom
Lucy Palmer Australia
Pascal Kaeser United States
Chair Eduardo Bouth Sequerra Maternal Immune Activation and the Embryonic Brain Development 5. Brain development & cell differentiation Brazil
Speakers Maria Lehtinen United States
Xianhua Piao United States
Hiroaki Wake Japan
Chair Emma Clayton Synaptic proteostasis in health and disease 4. Molecular basis of disease United Kingdom
Speakers Paul Donlin-Asp United Kingdom
Eran Perlson Israel
Emily Osterweil United States
Chair Katarzyna Winek Beyond adapter functions – tRNA and tRNA fragments in the CNS 4. Molecular Basis of Disease Germany
Co-Chair Hermona Soreq Israel
Speakers Jochen Prehn Ireland
Schahram Akbarian United States
Chair Jordi Duran Novel Aspects of Brain Glycogen: Exploring its Physiological and Pathological Roles 6. Bioenergetics & metabolism Spain
Speakers Matthew Gentry United States
Juan Pascual United States
Alicia Garcia Spain
Chair Tuan Trang Pain, Emotion, and Drugs: Short-Circuiting the Nervous System 15. Pain / Addiction Canada
Speakers Giannina Descalzi Canada
Michelle Roche Ireland
Xiaoke Chen United States
Chair Orly Reiner Navigating Brain Development: Unveiling the Crucial Role of the Extracellular Matrix in Human Neurogenesis 5. Brain development & cell differentiation Israel
Speakers Delilah Hendriks Netherlands
Carol J Schuurmans Canada
Katherine Long United Kingdom
Benedetta Artegiani Netherlands
Chair Mª Dolores Martín-de-Saavedra Alvarez de Uribarri Ectodomain shedding, an emerging mechanism involved in the pathophysiology of brain disorders 4. Molecular basis of disease Spain
Speakers Katherine Roche United States
Stefan Lichtenthaler Germany
Peter Penzes United States
Chair Vincenzo De Paola Advanced experimental cellular in vivo models of neurodegeneration 9. Glia and neuron-glia interactions Singapore
Speakers Florent Ginhoux Singapore
Katerina Akassoglou United States
Li Gan United States
Chair Anna R R Carta Immune dysregulation and clinical heterogeneity in Parkinson’s disease 3. Neuroinflammation & neuroimmunology Italy
Speakers Marina Romero-Ramos Denmark
Caroline Williams-Gray United Kingdom
Lucas Salas United States
Chair Elena Blanco-Suarez AMPA Receptors in Health and Disease 2. Signal transduction & synaptic transmission United States
Speakers Elva Diaz United States
Victor Anggono Australia
Mark Dell’Acqua United States
Chair Anastassia Voronova Novel mechanisms of olfactory bulb neurogenesis in development, adulthood and disease 5. Brain development & cell differentiation Canada
Speakers Fiona Doetsch Switzerland
Armen Saghatelyan Canada
Mariana Alonso France
Chair Jeroen Pasterkamp Molecular Disease Mechanisms of Motor Neuron Disease 10. Neurodegeneration and neuropsychiatric disorders Netherlands
Speakers Sami Barmada United States
Stefania Corti Italy
Christine Vande Velde Canada
Chair Davide Lecca New mechanisms and therapeutic approaches to enhance remyelination 9. Glia and neuron-glia interactions Italy
Speakers Wia Baron Netherlands
Jason R Plemel Canada
Jennifer Orthmann Murphy United States
Chair Timothy Bredy New insights into the mechanisms of plasticity and memory 7. Neuronal plasticity & behavior Australia
Speakers Pankaj Sah Australia
Yukiko Goda Japan
Janine Kwapis United States
Chair Nina Vardjan Novel roles of lipids in the brain: from dynamic compartmentation to memory and beyond 13. Lipids and glycobiology Slovenia
Speakers Mary C. McKenna United States
Neal Devaraj United States
Natsumi Ageta-Ishihara Japan
Frederic Andre Meunier Australia
Chair Flavia E Saravia Inflammatory and Metabolic dysregulation in neurodegeneration and dementia 4. Molecular basis of disease Argentina
Speakers Róisín McManus Germany
Zoe Arvanitakis United States
Stephanie Kullmann Germany
Chair Andrea Paula-Lima Redox protein modifications, calcium signals and synaptic plasticity in Alzheimer´s disease and other neurological disorders. 4. Molecular basis of disease Chile
Speakers Rodrigo Herrera-Molina United States
Christian Gonzalez-Billault Chile
Rogerio Panizzutti Brazil
Chair Lisa Marie Julian Emerging approaches to translate neurological disease mechanisms to the clinic 4. Molecular basis of disease Canada
Speakers Tim Hammond United States
Omer Bayraktar United Kingdom
Laura Pellegrini United Kingdom