Speed Reviews
Are you planning to submit a paper to Journal of Neurochemistry? Do you have questions about how to improve your manuscript? Get your questions answered at the 2023 ISN-ESN Meeting Speed Review Session in Porto!

What is a Speed Review Session?
A speed review is an opportunity to sit down and talk to a senior editor at JNeurochem about your manuscript or project idea.  You’ll get 10-15 minutes to discuss any concerns or clarify any doubts, and to receive general feedback on your project or manuscript by one of our Editors. We will try to match your topic as closely as possible to the expertise of our volunteer “mentors”. You don’t need a full draft manuscript to participate. A figure or a description of a key finding will suffice to center the discussion. If you do have a full manuscript or close-to-finalized draft, you are of course, welcome to bring it for discussion. To allow our editors time to prepare for the meeting, please provide the material (summary or draft) several weeks in advance of the meeting.

Should you decide to participate, there is no obligation to submit to JNeurochem. We provide these sessions gladly as a service to our community.

When will the Speed Review Session be held?
The speed review session will be held during the meeting.

Are there any costs involved?
We offer the Speed Review session slots free of charge to any participant of the ISN Biennial Meeting in Porto. 

How do I sign up?
If you’d like to participate, please indicate your interest by checking the corresponding box during the registration process. Here is the link to register for the meeting. Once registration is complete, the JNeurochem’s Editorial Office will follow up with further instructions.

If you have already registered and missed signing up for the Speed Review session, please send a message to jnc-ce@florey.edu.au.

Within a few weeks, we will contact you to request your name, affiliation, email, and the subfield that best fits your work. You should have either a figure, a brief description of your finding, or a concise summary of your manuscript ready to upload. This material will help our Senior Editors prepare to give you the best advice possible.