YSSC Articles

YSSC’s article: “Building a Mentorship Team”

Hey there and welcome to a new YSSC newsletter article! Today we will touch on a topic whose importance is often neglected and underestimated in a scientific career path. You have probably been told to network, but has anyone asked you about your mentorship team...

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YSSC’s article: “2019: check!”

December, snow for some, sunshine for others, jingle bells for some, business as usual for others… but definitely for all of us: Time to look back over the past year!Obviously, everyone has their own personal highlights. We think we don’t have to beat around the bush...

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YSSC’s article: “ISN-ASN Montreal – Already over?”

 Do you know the feeling when you have been working for something for quite some time, prepared, maybe stressed about it, and then suddenly it’s all over? Be our guest, that’s a bit what we feel like right now looking back on the ISN-ASN meeting in the beautiful...

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