“Funds focused on developing countries towards travelling to another laboratory to develop new technical or conceptual expertise, purchasing research supplies, attending workshops/training courses/satellite meetings or organizing a workshop/small school”

The successful applicants from October’s 2020 round are:

Akouri Elias, Lebanon
Ashok Kimar Datusalia, India
Bruno de Siqueira Mietto, Brazil
Carla Daniela Cisternas, Argentina
Cleiton Lopes Aguiar, Brazil
Gwladys Ngoupaye Temkou, Cameroon
Ismaila Ogunbayode Ishola, Nigeria
King Hwa Ling, Malaysia
Kunjibihari Sulakhiya, India
Moses Ekong, Nigeria
Priscilla Kolibea Mante, Ghana
Vinicius de Toledo Ribas, Brazil

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