The malleable brain: plasticity of neural circuits and behavior

Alpbach, Austria, September 12th – 18th 2016

The first ISN-JNC Flagship School covered basic molecular and cell biology of synaptic plasticity, motor learning and associative learning in simple systems, critical periods and developmental plasticity, navigation, birdsong, language learning, pathological consequences and societal implications in medicine and education. It also resulted in a Review article written from students to students.


Members of Flagship School Committee

Barry Dickson (USA) Scientific Chair

Alois Saria (Austria) Executive Chair
Jörg Schulz (Germany) (Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Neurochemistry)
Kazuhiro Ikenaka (Japan) ex officio

Monica Carson (USA) ex officio

Ralf Dringen (Germany) ex officio

Mark Cookson (USA) (JNC Editorial Board Representative)

Anthony J. Turner (UK) (Chair Publications Committee)

Dimitra Mangoura (Greece) (Chair School Committee)

Carla Tasca (Brazil) (Americas representative)

Akio Wanaka (Japan) (Asia-Pacific Representative)

Chris Graf (UK) (JNC Publisher Representative, nominated by Wiley)



Prof. Tobias Bonhoeffer, Germany
Prof. Barry Dickson, USA
Prof. Graeme Davis, USA
Prof. Florian Engert, USA
Prof. Loren Frank, USA
Prof. Gilles Laurent , Germany
Prof. Kelsey Martin, USA
Prof. Bence Ölveczky, USA
Prof. Erin Schuman, Germany
Prof. Reza Shadmehr, USA
Prof. Joshua Trachtenberg, USA
Prof. Glenn Turner, USA
Prof. Gina Turrigiano, USA


Tutorial 1: „Data reproducibility – against the waste of research data“

Tutor: Jörg Schulz

Tutorial 2: „Publication in Brain Research: ethical issues in neuroscience“

Tutor: Ralf Dringen

Tutorial 3: „Scientific writing: types and styles of papers, their structure, instructions for authors, titles, abstracts, reference lists and key words, journal selection. Training – composing titles and abstracts for papers.“

Tutors: Anthony J. Turner and Natalia Nalivaeva

Tutorial 4: „Compiling a review: Daily review of lectures, turning content into a compiled review.“

Tutors: Dimitra Mangoura and Carla Tasca



Poster presentations

Flagship Awardees


Review Article

The malleable brain: plasticity of neural circuits and behavior – A review from students to students
Schaefer, N. , Rotermund, C. , Blumrich, E. , Lourenco, M. V., Joshi, P. , Hegemann, R. U., Jamwal, S. , Ali, N. , García Romero, E. M., Sharma, S. , Ghosh, S. , Sinha, J. K., Loke, H. , Jain, V. , Lepeta, K. , Salamian, A. , Sharma, M. , Golpich, M. , Nawrotek, K. , Paidi, R. K., Shahidzadeh, S. M., Piermartiri, T. , Amini, E. , Pastor, V. , Wilson, Y. , Adeniyi, P. A., Datusalia, A. K., Vafadari, B. , Saini, V. , Suárez‐Pozos, E. , Kushwah, N. , Fontanet, P. and Turner, A. J. (2017), The malleable brain: plasticity of neural circuits and behavior – a review from students to students. J. Neurochem., 142: 790-811. doi:10.1111/jnc.14107

Read the Editorial: Schulz, J. B. and Hausmann, L. (2017), The malleable brain – An educational review from students to students. J. Neurochem., 142: 788-789. doi:10.1111/jnc.14102