Room: Hall B – Parallel 1

Constanze Seidenbecher (Germany)

Roberta Goncalves Anversa (Australia)

Roberta Goncalves Anversa (Australia) Role of a thalamo-cortical glutamatergic projection in stress-induced binge eating in female mice
Oren Princz Lebel (Canada) Cognitive and motor phenotypes induced by injection of different strains of human alpha-synuclein pre-formed fibrils in mice
Daniela Monteiro-Fernandes (Portugal) Therapeutical potential of 5HT1AR agonism on behavioural and neuropathology in a clinically relevant mouse model of Rett Syndrome
Felipe Ribeiro (Brazil) Synaptic proteasome is inhibited in Alzheimer’s disease models and is associated with memory impairment in mice


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Wednesday – 9.08.23