Room: 519

Hermona Soreq

Chia-Hsiang Chang: “Atoh1 requires primary cilia for the expansion of granule neuron progenitors by modulating centriolar satellites”
Carlos Wilson: “Epigenetic control of the RhoA/rock pathway by the histone methyl-transferase g9a promotes neuronal development”
Amin Ziaei: “Recapitulation of familial multiple sclerosis mutation leads to compromised myelin and susceptibility to demyelination insult”
Omamuyovwi Ijomone: ” “Nickel-induced developmental neurotoxicity in c. Elegans; neuronal degeneration, altered behaviour, and increased skin-1 activity:
Fernanda Neutzling Kaufmann: “Alterations in cd300f immunoreceptor are associated to depression in mice and humans”

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Tuesday – 06.08.19
Chair: Hermona Soreq | Speakers: Chia-Hsiang Chang, Carlos Wilson, Amin Ziaei, Omamuyovwi Ijomone, Fernanda Neutzling Kaufmann

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