Room: Hall A – Plenary Hall

Vania Prado (Canada)

Vanessa Coelho-Santos (Portugal)


Vanessa Coelho-Santos (Portugal) Live imaging of microglia behaviour across the life stages of the brain: From neonatal to aging
Opeyemi Ogunsuyi (Nigeria) Donepezil’s Therapeutic Effects Are Influenced by Curcumin: A Food-Drug Interaction Approach to Alzheimer’s Disease Management
Ami Kobayashi (United States) The role of tRNA-derived fragments in tau aggregation and propagation in Alzheimer’s disease
Cristina Marti­n-Monteagudo (Spain) Astrocytic Ensembles in Nucleus Accumbens: What Role do they Play in THC-Related Impairments?

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Wednesday – 9.08.23