Room: 520 BC

Andrew Gundlach

Carina Soares-Cunha: “Convergence of reward and aversion processing in nucleus accumbens medium spiny neuron subtypes”
Wenqiang Chen: “Single-cell RNA-seq of mouse nucleus accumbens reveals a subtype of d1 medium spiny neurons”
Citlalli Netzahualcoyotzi: “Specific deletion of neuronal mct2 or astrocytic mct4 disturbs the hippocampus-dependent acquisition of information”
Ornela Kljakic: “Mesopontine cholinergic signalling influences stress responses affecting behaviour”
Erin Campbell: “The role of the orexin (hypocretin) system in context-induced relapse to alcohol seeking”

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Tuesday – 06.08.19
Chair: Andrew Gundlach | Speakers: Carina Soares-Cunha, Wenqiang Chen, Citlalli Netzahualcoyotzi, Ornela Kljakic, Erin Campbell

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