Welcome to May, folks! This time, more than ever, we hope you and your loved ones are healthy and handling the situation in the best possible way through COVID-19 pandemic. While the present seems challenging enough now, there is also, for many of us, the big question: Where will my career go when this is all over? In other words: Where will I get money from? Of course, it is not all about the money, but money is certainly a crucial factor in research. To burst that bubble right at the start: The YSSC does not have any, but we do have some ideas about where to get some.

Most of us know that ISN offers travel grants to get to biannual meetings or that it supports student travel once you have been selected for a school. We would like to use this article to highlight a few options from ISN you might not be aware of. For more details, the ISN website should give you plenty of material to go in depth on a particular program.

Do you also feel slightly deprived of data visualization? We do! However, putting this in a graph did not look very helpful, so we made a table. Buckle up, this is longer than usual! We appreciate that most of these grants are probably for people a bit further down the career line than you are right now, so please feel free to share this with your colleagues and also keep in mind that you will get older!

Grant scheme

Career stage/ eligibility

Maximum amount (USD)


Next deadline

CAEN grants

ONLY accepted from residents of eligible countries (see website)


Support for those in countries with limited financial support

3 each year

Category 1A, 2

Interesting, but temporarily suspended due to COVID-19


· Current ISN members at the time of application

·  Young Investigators and young group leaders up to 10 years after PhD

500 – 5,000

Research supplies in-home laboratory,

NOT for travel or conferences

April 30, August 31, December 31


·  Current ISN members at the time of application

·  Postdocs/faculty/young group leaders up to 10 years after receiving their PhD

Up to 10,000

Researchers returning from a postdoctoral position in a developed country to an eligible country to continue research in Neurochemistry

April 30, August 31, December 31


·    Current ISN members

· Senior researchers

Up to 10,000 research supplies, salary for the researcher or a staff

Researchers returning from significant career interruptions (childbirth, career responsibilities or major illness)

April 30, August 31, December 31

NEW! Citizens of all countries are eligible


International Travel Support (ITS)

·   Min. 2 years ISN membership

·  Students and Postdoc members visiting labs of established researchers who are Full members of ISN and are based in another country

·  the host lab must provide research-related costs


Up to 4,000


ONLY for travel, accommodation and insurance


To promote the international scientific exchange between ISN members, for

supports short-term (30 days- approximately 3 months) research visits of ISN student and postdoc members to the labs of senior ISN researchers

Depending on time of intended travel:

February 28 or

August 31



Career Development Grants (CDG)

· Min. 4 years of ISN membership

· Postdoc Members (min 3 years of experience as a postdoctoral fellow)

·  Full Members (up to 10 years after the year the doctoral degree was awarded)

· At least two peer-reviewed research articles as the main author required


Up to 10,000

Getting your own lab up and running:

Lab equipment and project-related maintenance like consumables, accessing facilities, or animal housing costs

October 31 for proposals starting the year after




Please keep in mind that this table is a VERY BRIEF summary to give you an idea about which grant you might want to check out in-depth. There is absolutely no way you should avoid reading up on the details about the grant you are interested in. You might have noticed that long-term membership pays off, especially in terms of ITS and CDG, so make sure your membership is well-maintained (easiest box to tick!)

So, what’s the point of all of this? Everything is so uncertain now, no one knows when life will be back to normal, so why looking into this now? For exactly that reason! Most of us are stuck at home  and we all need something to keep us busy, looking forward to and taking our mind off the current news, at least for a bit. So get going, deadlines are coming up and are still on this year…some normality after all.

Good luck folks and stay safe,