Hello and welcome to another YSSC newsletter article. So, for most of us, it has been one year since life has been turned upside down, with an enormous variety of consequences for each and every one of us. Therefore, we could use this article to look back and reflect on what the pandemic has meant for us individually, professionally or for our priorities in life. Phew, oh well, let’s not go there… quite daunting, very subjective and, to be honest, it’s probably hard to say what it means for all of us because it’s not over yet.

Alternatively, let’s think about something,  that has definitely come along with the pandemic but is more tangible and positive: webinars! For those of you who have attended our first webinar on the 25th of February, where we took a closer look at CDG and CAEN grants together with Professors Constanze Seidenbecher and Alessandro Prinetti, we hope you liked it. We were definitely thrilled by how many of you showed up and the number of questions that came in. Thank you for your active participation! For those who thought: Oh, God, not another web-based format, another day in front of a screen listening to people far away. We hear you and understand you, it’s not as nice as being in the same room. However, it’s all we have got for now and think of the CO2 we are all saved by not flying across the globe for stuff that can be said within one hour! The next generation might be rather grateful.

Since the first one was a success, in our opinion, the aim is of course to make this the first of many webinars. What do we need for that?: topics! Topics that YOU guys are interested in, would like to hear about, need help with, consider underrated, etc. What webinars could get you in front of the screen again? The YSSC has come up with a couple of ideas, but we need more. The ones we have are listed in the doodle poll (link below) and we would like to invite you to give your vote for the ones you find the most interesting.


If there is something you would like to hear about, but not listed on the doodle above, we are of course even more curious, so please drop us an email at yssc@neurochemistry.org

All you have to do is send us your idea for a topic and, if we can make it work, we will! No promises, but we will try our very best. As your representatives, we are convinced that it makes more sense to ask you what you want, rather than making up something that might not be that useful. Nobody needs more screen time with no pay-off these days.

Let us know what you think!